Insurance Coverage

A growing number of insurance companies cover acupuncture. However, their coverage varies widely. Some companies put a cap on the number of treatments per year, while others put a cap on the total cost per year. In some cases, insurers will specify what types of medical conditions or acupuncture procedures they will cover. Call your insurer to learn the details of your benefits.

Other options for reducing the cost of treatments include Flexible Spending Plans and Health Savings Accounts, which allow you to use pre-tax dollars for acupuncture and other medical care. Ask your employer whether they have a Flex Plan and find out what you need to do to participate. Health Savings Accounts are available to anyone who is enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan. Contact your health insurance company for more information about setting up a HSA.  The following links provide information on Insurance and HMO’s, Health Savings accounts (HSA), Flex and Wellness plans, as well as medical tax deductions, medicare, V.A. and Federal insurance coverage.